Week 1 Notes

  • Review syllabus
  • Review types of stories/content
  • Create new blog on WordPress (see syllabus)
  • Teamwork
    • Encourage you to revist the team process from last quarter: identify individual goals for the quarter, make team goals, develop team decisionmaking model/method, establish team guidelines/rules (resource)


  • Share WordPress URL before leaving class — I’ll add to this site immediately
  • Blog Post (1) – Assignment:
    Identify three types of stories (content) that interest you as a content creator. Provide the story/content name, URL, abstract, and a statement of what sparks your interest in this genre. Categorize this post “assignment.”
  • Blog Post (2) – Reading:
    Summarize and post any ah-ha’s as they relate to writing and information design, in general, or writing and information design for the computer screen, specifically. Categorize this post “reading.”
  • Please blog by 6pm on Monday

One response to “Week 1 Notes”

  1. mgm5 says :

    Rememeber to post to your blog about the readings. -Meg

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