Readability Assignment

Using Word’s built-in Flesch-Kincaid tool:
Fiction. Chapter 1, Huckleberry Finn. Grade level: 5.8

Seth Goodin’s Blog Post. Take a risk? Grade level: 6.0

Kathy’s blog post (political news): Copyright Proposal Dooms Online Radio. Grade level: 8.2

Book Review (USA Today): Mass collaboration could change way companies operate. Grade level: 9.6

Book Review (Connie Crosby Blog): Wikinomics: Mass Collaboration Coming Your Way. Grade level: 12.1

Book Review (EducationPR Blog): Book review: Wikinomics. Grade level: 13.1

Book Review (Newsday): Businesses beginning to see the benefits of wikis. Grade level: 13.2

Apple’s iPhone (first two screens) promo copy: Overview and iPod. Grade level: 13.9


3 responses to “Readability Assignment”

  1. paul baker says :

    I share your interest in digital media. You may be interested in the recent book, New Media Poetics, published by MIT Press. I review it on my other blog, Wordsalad
    Paul Baker

  2. connie says :

    Considering my intended readers are people with advanced university educations, I hope that writing at grade level 12.1 isn’t a bad thing. There are many reasons to write simply and clearly, but I also enjoy the precision of a wide vocabulary and complex sentences.


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