Week 2 Notes

  • Tonight’s Agenda

    • Structure & Meaning
  • In Class Assignment 1: Review types of stories/content of interest (below)
  • In Class Assignment 2: In small groups, discuss what makes a good story. Develop a set of characteristics. (You report out, I’ll capture.)
    • Strong lead/hook
    • Interesting
    • Relevant
    • Clear focus
    • Consistency
    • Readable
    • Provides context (appropriate)
    • Well organized
    • Logical sequence
    • Teach me something
    • Spelling & grammar
    • Conclusion
  • Reading: Please blog by 6pm on Monday (categorize as “reading”)
  • Assignment 1: Indicate if you would rather work on a group story about “Seattle” or about “Media Ownership” and provide details about the types of stories you envision as the group project. Please post by 6 pm on Friday. Then review all other 10 classmate blog posts and comment by noon on Tuesday. (categorize the blog post as “assignment”)
  • Assignment 2: Individual story for the quarter. From the syllabus:

    1Students first develop a concept proposal. This proposal should be posted on the student blog (tagged “proposal”) ; it is due Week 3. Class members will provide feedback using the commenting feature of the blog software.

Summary – Assignment 1:
Identify three types of stories (content) that interest you as a content creator. Provide the story/content name, URL, abstract, and a statement of what sparks your interest in this genre. Categorize this post “assignment.”

No post:

  • Belle
  • Luke
  • Magnus
  • Vaun

2 responses to “Week 2 Notes”

  1. magnusuw says :

    hmm add me to this list here now?

  2. kegill says :

    nope. this is the record of on-time submittals. and we aren’t going to talk about this, specifically, tonight.

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