Week 3 Notes

Hypertext Theory:

Analyze these stories. How have they used hypertext? How well does the navigation work? The design? What do you like, dislike and why? How do these stories reinforce or counter your best practices/learnings from last week’s discussion? Post to your blog; tag as “assignment”

Feedback, Individual Stories (see below)

Asychronous Group Project Discussion (see below)

Summary – This Week’s Assignments
Readings: Magnus missing
Assignment 1: Indicate if you would rather work on a group story about “Seattle” or about “Media Ownership” and provide details about the types of stories you envision as the group project. Please post by 6 pm on Friday. Then review all other 10 classmate blog posts and comment by noon on Tuesday. (categorize the blog post as “assignment”)

Note: most folks did not comment – which means, I guess, that y’all don’t know what other folks are thinking. Yet. So we’ll use class time tonight to do this.

The reason for reading/commenting before coming to class … was to give people time to think/reflect … rather than to simply “react” to an in-class small group face-to-face discussion. It also would have made it easier for me to have seen the logical pattern/grouping. :-/

  • Kevin (6 comments) – Media
  • Kristina (1 comment – late) – Media
  • Stephanie (2 comments) – Media or Seattle (Stephanie, if you pick media, you and Kevin and Kristina would be a group of three. This would be helpful!)

Assignment 2: Individual story for the quarter.


4 responses to “Week 3 Notes”

  1. trinx says :

    Can’t read the ACM fulltext without being a member. I tried creating the freebie account, but apparently even that’s not good enough.

  2. kegill says :

    Barrie — to read ACM article, you go in thru the UW Library, off-campus access.

    Did you know that Bernstein blogged your post? I sent him a note and told him that you were my student. 🙂

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