Week 4 Notes – Tu

Digital Asset Management
Guest, Dan Lamont (handouts)

Featured reading post: Luke

Discussion Leaders (reading) starts next week with Group 2

Projects – Groups (proposal due next Monday, 6 pm)
Work in class to develop a refined proposal and a timeline to meet the remainder of the group project deliverables.

  • Kevin, Kristina, Stephanie
  • Barrie, Kaichen, Chloe, Vaun
  • Luke, Magnus, Tony

Individual Project. Draft story due next week – by 6 pm Tuesday.

People still need to provide feedback. Magnus, you still need something more specific for people to reply to. Everyone, read the “starred” proposals — you need to think about pictures & sound & remember: it is a research-based piece, not a personal essay.


3 responses to “Week 4 Notes – Tu”

  1. magnusuw says :

    Two weeks in a row…..

  2. kegill says :

    Magnus: This is not “two weeks in a row” — the assignment was due on Monday 9 April, 6 pm. The “more clearly stated” titled blog post was originally posted at Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 at 6:34 pm — after class started that evening. At that time, I suggested you revisit the proposal because it was unfocused and titled in an ambiguous manner.

    When I was reviewing your blog, I remembered only the conversation about your combining the two assignments into one. So yes, I missed the “more clearly stated” post as being the post about your individual story.

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