Week 6 Notes

Guest Lecture on Rhetoric:
Matt McGarrity, Dept of Communication
notes: kathy, stephanie(doc)

Blog posts (reading reflection) of note:

  • Chloe (good for next week, too)
  • Kaichen (ditto!)
  • Luke (a hard lesson to accept)
  • Tony (major tip, at the end)
  • Vaun (how to deconstruct – must read)

Reports on group projects

Student led-discussion (group 3)

Student led-discussion (group 2) – last week

  • Chloe materials are complete and include “discussion leader” tag (yeah!)
  • Missing both links from Luke
  • Missing article link from Vaun

Note: If you have not yet done so, in lab tonight, create a com586 (no spaces) “page” (use the “slug” for the name if you want to call the page something else). This is the page that will contain the links to your final stories as well as your discussion leader post and PPT.

Note: If you are not tagging your reading reflection and in-class assignments (some of you are not) — that’s going to be points off after tonight. Fix them in lab tonight, please.

Discussion questions (only from Stephanie – kudos!)

  • What is/are the best and favorite story/ies you’ve ever hear/read/seen?
  • What is your preference of order e.g. do you prefer flashbacks and anachronous of chronological timeline?
  • Does digital storytelling change any of the elements?

Technical Matters:

Next week:

  • Due Dates: First story due Monday 7 May at 6 pm and Group Storyboards Due: Monday 14 May, 6 pm
  • We’ll start at 6.15 for the rest of the quarter (guest speakers)
  • Reminder of class policy on use of computers/net connections during class:

Students may use laptops or other portable devices for taking notes. However, these portable devices should not be used to engage in non-classroom activities, such as surfing the Net, checking e-mail, playing games or listening to music. These activities would certainly divert your attention away from class and could distract other students as well, thus corrupting the learning environment. I reserve the right to end your use of a portable device, ask you to move, or revoke the privilege of using wireless devices in the classroom.

  • Discussion Group 4 (see assignments page!)
  • Remember reading assignment includes development of discussion questions

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