Archive | May 15, 2007

Week 8 Notes

Online Credibility
Guest Lecture, Paige West ( links)
Director of Interactive Projects,
Formerly, SecondStory

Blog posts (reading reflection) of note:

Student led-discussion (group 1)

Last Week’s Assignment
Review the final “text + pictures” story of your peer group partner/s. Send an e-mail with feedback by end of day Thursday — cc Kathy. Rec’d cc’s from

  • Chloe on Luke, Vaun
  • Kaichen on Magnus
  • Kristina on Tony
  • Tony on Kristina
  • Vaun on Chloe, Luke

Students who didn’t have anything linked on com586 page that could be peer reviewed:

  • Barrie
  • Kevin
  • Luke
  • Stephanie

Status of first story (text/pix) and second story (audio script) draft
The com586 page should contain a LINK to two things — the FINAL version of the first iteration of the story and the DRAFT script.
NOTE: I will no longer search your blog for the links to your work — and please don’t expect your fellow students to do so in order to provide you with peer feedback.

Discussion Questions:

  • What exactly is “dynamism,” and why does it affect perceived credibility?
  • What role does search engine optimization play – if any – in creating website credibility?
  • Are trust antecedents the primary measuring stick for risk?
  • Can ease of use make up for other deficiencies in a website, including its underlying credibility?
  • lots here!
  • How do we determine credibility of online information if it’s being provided by a sole author?
  • What is the advantage of ‘non-traditional’ sources of information (i.e. sources that can’t verify their authenticity)?
  • The more online-active we are, do we become less trusting or more trusting of visited sites?
  • What site do you trust?
  • Are there certain designs or elements that elicit trust?
  • Do brand names influence trust regardless of site design?
  • Parenthetical: what is the real value of this research? Will my findings help make this a better world, or just help people mess it up some more?


  • Editing with Audacity
  • Convert audio files with Zamzar


  • Bring four-five photos that you want to use in your final project. We’ll “insert” them into a Flash slideshow template in lab.

Reading posted.