Week 9 Questions

Your discussion questions

  • Will blogs and wikis replace traditional print, electronic and related media as the principal vehicle for employee communications in 5 years?
  • Does the flattening of an organization via technology impose a greater responsibility on each employee to participate and take ownership of projects and ‘official’ communication about them?
  • Does the adoption of social media tools change the business organization model itself?
  • How to use social media in a efficient way?
  • What disadvantages does the social media have?
  • What kind of the company is suitable to use the social media?
  • How can smaller companies use social media?
  • Are there drawbacks of using social media tools such as wikis and RSS?
  • Should social media be monitored? If so, who should monitor it?
  • We all want a lot more information than we used to. Is there a balance between wanting information from “regular folks” and wanting information from experts?
  • And how do companies put some structure around public information, and how do they distance themselves from misinformation/disinformation?
  • Social media are a powerful tool, and employees can be extremely credible and influential when they voice their opinion, but just because they can does it mean it should be encouraged? What makes it ok and how do you determine that?
  • What if the employee says something completely positive and heck even stocks rise because of that, yet it was still against policy and a misrepresentation or even accurate but wasn’t supposed to be said by that employee. Blogging is cool… but are we letting it get out of control?
  • What if someone simply says the wrong thing in second life, or maybe I tell somebody about where I work while playing a video game with voice chat like gears of war… is that a social media too?
  • When you blog as a representative of a company what is to prevent that from taking over your identity? Are we what we blog?
  • In what ways do you see companies utilizing social networking technology (real examples or projection)?
  • How do you practice safe blogging?
  • Does social networking provide more negative or positive aspects for the work world?
  • How to effectively manage the internal communication channel?
  • Accepting the risks mentioned in article, are there any other disadvantages to using social media for internal communication?

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