Week 9 Notes

Participatory Media

  • Guest Speaker, Lee LeFever of CommonCraft
    • Companies of the future will rely on their community of customers to remain competitive.”
    • Difference between message boards and blogs (2004)
    • Notes on lecture:

      • 1999 – Blogger
      • Flickr growth chart
      • YouTube growth chart (10% of all net traffic)
      • Alexa stats (mySpace is now #3)
      • “relate, discover and share”
      • BringTheLoveBack.com
      • examples: channel9 (msft), fastlane (gm), sw airlines blogs
      • twitter – delta now has an account
      • dell – idea storm (make a suggestion)
      • where it didn’t work:
        • wal-marting across america (v lonelygirl)
        • constant conact (ip address reveals all!)
      • where it worked
        • share your story – march of dines
        • threadless – making community a core part of the biz
        • jpeg magazine
      • twinf
      • barrie – it’s almost like living in a small town all over again
      • part 2: planning/community as party
        • 43things
        • daily strength (health care)
        • twitter
        • member profiles (identity, reputation, etc)
  • Next week
    • We’ll have a wrap up lecture and lab (final projects for any group that is ready)
    • June 5 we’ll have any remaining final projects
  • Reading Discussion (your questions)
    • Barrie
    • Kevin
    • Kristina: “If employees are using social media it is because they see a use for it in the work that they are doing.”
    • Stephanie
  • Script
    • See Luke’s for great example of verbal texture.
    • See Vaun’s for great example of word pictures.
  • Multimedia Photo Gallery – my flash files
    • All files need to be in the same web folder:
      • Your photos
      • captions.txt (right-click & save)
      • slideshow_manual.swf or slideshow_auto.swf (right-click & save)
      • slideshow_manual.html or slideshow_auto.html (right click & save)
    • You must edit the TEXT file (captions.txt – manual, automatic) and use the correct naming convention. Edit the number of slides in the first line of the text file. Name your photos exactly like they are in the text file! Replace the sound file name with your sound file name.
  • See more in Mindy’s book, Flash Journalism
  • Other options:
    • Code Jam (PC, $50)
    • jalbum (free, x-platform, learning curve)
    • monoslide show ($20, x-platform, manual)
    • Slideshare (no sound, hosted, free – embed in WordPress page & add sound link)
    • SlideShowPro ($25 – attach a hyperlink to a photo, add music; requires Flash, manual-pdf)
    • Straight HTML photo gallery (export fromPhotoshop, for example)

Per last week:

This VW commercial for its “econocar Golf” features Richard Burton reading the Dylan Thomas poem “Under Milk Wood.” Agency is DDB, London; director Noam Murro. (via Fireball and AdRants)

Will this even be run as a TV commercial? (Not likely in the US, at 90 seconds!) Sidenote: in 2005, VW was the victim of a spoof ad that equated its cars with suicide bombers.


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