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Session 3

Today we’ll review

  • Content planning : thinking about internal and external content
  • Storify, Liveblogging
  • Pinterest
  • New tools: ScribbleLiveSparkwise

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LiveBlog – Content is Currency – Jon Wuebben at SXSW

For this assignment, I decided to go directly to the source, Jon Wuebben, the author of the book for this class Content Is Currency. I found a presentation that he gave at this spring’s SXSW in Austin.  It was pretty fast-paced and a little repetitive, but the presentation was a good overview of the general idea of Content Marketing.  I couldn’t help to think that this presentation could have been diced up in to a few different presentations to provide a deeper dive into the different tactics and strategies.  But hey, maybe that’s just me thinking like a good content marketer…

Click to view the presentation

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The 1940 Census

The 1940 Census

The release of the 1940 Census on April 2nd, 2012 is a story of the power of history, the power of big data, the power of crowds and the power of personal stories.

Sour Beer Appreciation

Sour Beer Appreciation: Pucker Up Baby!

There are 134 beer styles that are judged each year at the annual Great American Beer Festival. Among those, Sour Beers are my favorite. From Chimay, to La Folie, to Barriquée… this style isn’t for everyone, but if you like your flavors on the tart side, pucker up ’cause these beers are for you.

Live Blog: Jonathan Harris: the Web’s secret stories

Jonathan Harris: the Web’s secret stories

For this exercise, I chose to live-blog Jonathan Harris’ TED Talk, The Web’s Secret Stories.

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Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Becoming a U.S. Citizen

After sitting through my uncle’s naturalization ceremony to become a United States citizen, I wanted to know more about the process immigrants must go through to be granted citizenship. Here’s a brief look at the process, tests and the ceremony.

Content creation: live blogging and Storify

For week three of the quarter, we are experimenting with live blogging and Storify. The purpose of the live blogging exercise: to have the experience under your belts so that when you are tasked with ensuring that an event has live blogging, you know what the bloggers face. The purpose of the Storify exercise is to experiment with curation.

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