Kat’s update

Hey, all.

I thought it would be fun to post what we’ve been doing, as well as giving Kathy updates via email. I’ve been really interested in what y’all are up to, so post updates!

On my end: I’ve got a Pinterest account up for BFF, and now a Tumblr account, as well. Still working on just how to get interest in the Tumblr–it’s sooooooo hipster.

I also completed a website content_inventory. The webpage was pretty obviously designed by a developer with no understanding of use cases–if I could, I’d take a UX hatchet to it, but the Foundation is already a whole lot of money into it, so it is only some hierarchical changes that I’ll be able to do. Notes for web and SM is the document that I gave to my boss about it.

An interesting thing about the website. You’ve all heard me kvetching about the cost of this homepage update. Well, as part of my job, my boss asked the dev company to give me admin access, so that I could root about and give her an opinion of what I could do for them. The company gave me content access, but not back-end access. I was able to work around that, because the permissions were set so that I could create for myself a new account with higher privileges than my current one (!), so I gave myself full administrative access. What I found was that the Drupal install has 36 updates that haven’t been dating back to last fall, with 17 of them being required security patches–one of them to the Drupal Core. SRSLY!?! Oh, and did I mention that said dev company has been being paid a retainer for monthly updates this whole time?

And lastly, I’ve got the most recent report ( BFF Social Media Strategy milestone 2)I did on my work at BFF. It seems silly to be doing benchmarking after only three and six weeks, but I had to have check-ins for the quarter, and it seemed like a good idea to do something that would benefit the foundation as well as let Anita know what I’ve been up to.


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Grad student, homeschooling mother, performer.

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