Cathy’s update

Where has the quarter gone? I’m finding this is taking a lot more time than I anticipated. Not only is there a ton of existing content and analytics to sift through but I’m also still having to regularly write blog posts, produce videos or other digital content, update web content, post on social media and am now in the middle of filling out next year’s workplan and budgets (drafts due by Friday).

As a result, I feel like I’ve barely had time to get through the analysis and write out the plans I have for each platform (currently rattling around aimlessly in my brain). Is there a “pause” button I can push somewhere? I’m afraid there’s not, but here’s where I am so far:


  • I started a website and blog content audit but will need intern help to get some serious work done on the 500+ page website audit.
  • I’ve met with 10 of the 15 divisions at the Burke to discuss their current web presence, anticipated needs, explain my role and prepare them for a content revamp.
  • I’ve sorted through countless analytics reports (they sure love to track #’s around here!) and have determined what success metrics I want to measure moving forward for each platform (website, databases, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc)


  • I’m in the process of drafting a plan (it’s already 7 pages!) with goals, audiences, strategies, content categories, success metrics and other ideas based on platform. This will be my final deliverable for this class and will require a good chunk of time still, but it’s underway!
  • I met with a creative agency to discuss the redesign of the website. They’re very excited about the fact that I’ve already started a basic content audit and have some knowledge of keyword strategy.
  • I started a basic editorial calendar for social media and blog posts but need to work on formatting and including a LOT more content to keep myself organized.

Social media:

  • The content audit and analysis of our website has uncovered some unique content that I had no idea we had on our site (history and science of birth stones, for example). This makes for great social media content so I’ve been sharing away without having to recreate the wheel!
  • I’ve been posting 7-9 posts per week on the Burke’s Facebook page. I’m toying with the types of content (event posts, images, etc) to see which ones get the greatest amount of engagement. We’ve had over 50 new “likes” in the past 3 weeks (now at 3,270 total) which is a significant increase in a short period of time for the Burke.
  • I’ve significantly increased the level of engagement on Twitter and looked at creative ways to engage with folks. We’ve jumped up on our followers by more than 50 in the past three weeks. More importantly, people are starting to ask us questions on Twitter because they can see that we’re now engaged and active.
  • Started a Pinterest account and brainstormed the basic “buckets” that we’ll be posting to, but haven’t uploaded any images yet.
  • Started an Instagram account.
  • Started a Reddit account after seeing Reddit was the top social driver to our website. Everyone loves our Spidermyth pages on Reddit.


  • I’ve edited a video that takes viewers along the journey as our researches collected a giant turtle fossil in Wyoming and began the tedious process of chipping away at the rock to expose the bone underneath. It will be posted on our YouTube channel and as part of a blog post (hopefully tonight or tomorrow).
  • I still need to do a lot of work on the content audit of our YouTube videos.

There’s even more to list, but I’ll save it for a future update. I’m just excited to be going through these processes and learning how to do this at the START of my new job with the Burke.


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