Karen – Project Update

For an update on the work I am doing for the HooDoo Brewing Co., I have finished up the content audit (audience, objectives, brand attributes and how they will inform content creation/delivery).  I hope to be done with the analysis today as well.  Then I will proceed with the strategy.  I’d like to work on an editorial calendar, but I do them for my work an I know how long they take to flush out.  This maybe hold second fiddle to getting the website finished and launched.

For HooDoo Brewing Co. there are 4 pillars of the Editorial Strategy.  Effective editorial content will:

1. Create engaging, unique experiences.

2. Educate people about craft beer to form a bond, get them interested.

3. Drive traffic to related content, online and offline.

4. Influence behavior to generate revenue for the Brewery.

I worked with my brother, the owner/brewer, on some priorities for outcomes and target audiences.  They worked out like this:

Top 3 priority desired outcomes for the content we produce:1. Create a strong community around fresh, local craft beer.

2. Educate current and potential customers about craft beer

3. Become established as a natural and unique part of our community.

 Top 3 target audiences:

1. The Fairbanks Community

2. Hospitality industry (servers, beer buyers, bar managers/owners, concierge)

3. Media: National level, Local level, State Level, Bloggers

 Top 3 needs of target audiences:

1. Information on their local option for fresh craft beer: latest information, where to find it, what is it. Advice and guidance.

2. Distribution logistics. One-page talking points about beer. Education, food pairing, and serving suggestions.

3. The latest news about the brewery, the beers, community involvement on a regular schedule. Story pitches.

From here, I will build the goals for the content we will produce on a consistent basis.
The website is still sitting at 85% done.  I am having some trouble tweaking my theme’s footer, which is truly annoying the hell out of me.  I also need to spend some time developing a photo gallery.  I hoped to have the site launched by now but my travel schedule has been crazy.  I WILL have this baby in the bag before my birthday and our final class, June 5th!

About karen w

MCDM student at the University of Washington. I work fulltime in the fly fishing industry on a steady dose of high level web projects and marketing communications. I love Alaska, fish and fishing, family, humor and always a good brew.

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