Karl’s Update

I have found that it has only taken me 8 months to get past the technical hurdles, now my issues are mostly revolving around the fact that the client doesn’t have a vision for the website, instead merely wanting to have one to get on with her primary objective of farming.

That’s fair, I’m not much for farming myself, so it all works out. 

Still that means that the design process has become a great deal of scribbling on paper prototypes and trying to remain focused to the point of teasing out the basics of what would work well, what she would like to see, etc. Also troubling is that we have no photographs and no graphic designer, so I’m filling in there as well: badly.

Still, I’m down to the point that I know she wan’t a website based on WordPress twenty-eleven, that she has a basic header design and that our background will be dirt and our foreground will be vegetables. 

Next Steps:

Find some dirt, Find some Veggies, take pictures of both, mix them into a WordPress child theme, add text content and revise liberally. 

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  1. Karl Eckler says :

    Just FYI for everyone: Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think” the Memex and the future of computing (as seen from 1945):


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