Session 5: Social media policies and project updates

  • Social media policies : why, what, how
  • Mobile : points to consider
  • Project report
  • Review final deliverables

Social media policies

Due May 29: post to this blog  an example of a social media policy that you think is “good” (and define what you mean by “good”)

 Points to think about

  • Organizational PR doesn’t belong to the PR department
  • The space is more than a two-way street
  • If you’re* not participating, you’re invisible  [insert mini-rant about G+ here]
  • If the organization does not have a culture of openness, this ain’t gonna work
  • Employees should use the tools personally before doing so on behalf of an organization
  • Disclosure is very important (even more so when organization is financial services)
  • Empower employees (think Nordstrom’s)
  • Respond!
  • Initiate (but don’t stalk)
  • Have clear “talking points” (what’s important to the organization) and communicate this throughout the organization
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with social media
  • Think about internal commenting policy [don’t “erase” bad stuff – get Steve’s experience off Dropbox – but do erase “compromising” personal info]
  • Teach people how to verify content (BS detection)
* “You” in this case can be an individual or an organization
Interesting clips reflecting corporate reality and the people formerly known as the audience:




For Next Time/Deliverables

  • Due June 5: final deliverable [revised plan of work, accomplishments, lessons learned, next steps, URLs if live]
  • Mailto kegill-at-uw-dot-edu as well as at-gmail

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