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Good SM policy

So, I went through a chunk of SM policies. Most of them were really prescriptive. But then I came across Volvo’s “Social Media Guidelines.”

Why I like this one is because they are expecting their employees to behave as reasonable adults. The guidelines read easily (not in legalese), and they also read like they are in place as much to protect the employee and customer as they are the company.

These guidelines basically say to not do things that the company could be viewed as liable for, don’t share privileged information, and do be transparent and honest. Please.

(It’s the “please” that sold me. I heart Volvo.)

If anyone needs a list of SM policies for review

Here’s a big ol’ list of them. Pretty cool, actually…

Kat’s update

Hey, all.

I thought it would be fun to post what we’ve been doing, as well as giving Kathy updates via email. I’ve been really interested in what y’all are up to, so post updates!

On my end: I’ve got a Pinterest account up for BFF, and now a Tumblr account, as well. Still working on just how to get interest in the Tumblr–it’s sooooooo hipster.

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