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Session 5: Social media policies and project updates

  • Social media policies : why, what, how
  • Mobile : points to consider
  • Project report
  • Review final deliverables

Session 4 : Readability, hypertext


  • Updates
  • Problems, opportunities
  • Readability
  • Hypertext/Applications/IA
  • Next steps

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Session 3

Today we’ll review

  • Content planning : thinking about internal and external content
  • Storify, Liveblogging
  • Pinterest
  • New tools: ScribbleLiveSparkwise

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Content creation: live blogging and Storify

For week three of the quarter, we are experimenting with live blogging and Storify. The purpose of the live blogging exercise: to have the experience under your belts so that when you are tasked with ensuring that an event has live blogging, you know what the bloggers face. The purpose of the Storify exercise is to experiment with curation.

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Inaugural Class


  • Introductions
  • Individual learning goals
  • Fashion a schedule
  • Content assessment, planning
  • Our next meeting

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Week 11 – Notes

First, if you are using a machine in the lab and Audacity doesn’t seem to work right — it could be the machine. Try another!

Audacity tips:

Week 10 Notes

Groups that wish to present tonight:

These blogs needs to have categories enabled in navigation (Presentation). Grades to-date.

  • Barrie
  • Kevin
  • Kristina
  • Luke
  • Vaun

Individual projects of note: Kristina (mpg), Vaun (mpg) Chloe (videos)

Review deliverables for Monday 4 June at 6 pm; Tuesday schedule.

  • COM586 “page” should have links to all three stories
  • COM586 “page” should have info about your discussion leader presentation
    • Abstract (tag “discussion leader”)
      • PPT should be in abstract or on COM586 page
      • Any other media used (such as YouTube clips) should be linked as well
    • Followup post (tag “discussion leader”)
  • COM586 page should have link to your group project
  • Complete peer evaluation by Tuesday 5 June at 6 pm

Week 9 Notes

Participatory Media

Week 9 Questions

Your discussion questions
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Week 8 Notes

Online Credibility
Guest Lecture, Paige West ( links)
Director of Interactive Projects,
Formerly, SecondStory

Blog posts (reading reflection) of note:

Student led-discussion (group 1)

Last Week’s Assignment
Review the final “text + pictures” story of your peer group partner/s. Send an e-mail with feedback by end of day Thursday — cc Kathy. Rec’d cc’s from

  • Chloe on Luke, Vaun
  • Kaichen on Magnus
  • Kristina on Tony
  • Tony on Kristina
  • Vaun on Chloe, Luke

Students who didn’t have anything linked on com586 page that could be peer reviewed:

  • Barrie
  • Kevin
  • Luke
  • Stephanie

Status of first story (text/pix) and second story (audio script) draft
The com586 page should contain a LINK to two things — the FINAL version of the first iteration of the story and the DRAFT script.
NOTE: I will no longer search your blog for the links to your work — and please don’t expect your fellow students to do so in order to provide you with peer feedback.

Discussion Questions:

  • What exactly is “dynamism,” and why does it affect perceived credibility?
  • What role does search engine optimization play – if any – in creating website credibility?
  • Are trust antecedents the primary measuring stick for risk?
  • Can ease of use make up for other deficiencies in a website, including its underlying credibility?
  • lots here!
  • How do we determine credibility of online information if it’s being provided by a sole author?
  • What is the advantage of ‘non-traditional’ sources of information (i.e. sources that can’t verify their authenticity)?
  • The more online-active we are, do we become less trusting or more trusting of visited sites?
  • What site do you trust?
  • Are there certain designs or elements that elicit trust?
  • Do brand names influence trust regardless of site design?
  • Parenthetical: what is the real value of this research? Will my findings help make this a better world, or just help people mess it up some more?


  • Editing with Audacity
  • Convert audio files with Zamzar


  • Bring four-five photos that you want to use in your final project. We’ll “insert” them into a Flash slideshow template in lab.

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